Retired life in Thailand


থাইল্যান্ড এ আপনি  800000 বাত কিংবা 25 হাজার ডলার সেই দেশের কোন ব্যাংকে রাখলে আপনি থাইল্যান্ড এ এক বছর করে থাকতে পারবেন এই টাকার মালিক আপনি নিজেই হবেন কিন্তু টাকা টি কোন একটি থাই ব্যাংকে রাখতে হবে এভাবে করে আপনি থাইল্যান্ড এ আপনার রিটায়ার্ড লাইক জীবন  উপভোগ করতে পারেনI


Chiang Mai is absolutely perfect for me and I am glad to call this place home for the last 6 years.

To comment on the above, leaving any country for CM means making some compromises and finding lots in return. $1000 – $1500 is a great budget to live in CM considering many of my ex neighbors who are Thai survive on 1/5 of that.

I will comment on a few thing mentioned here. I have lived in apartments that can be rented for $200 – $1000 as I have taken my time to get a feel of the city and I agree that the $500 is a sweet spot of the in betweens. $200-$300 gets you a very basic rental in a clean apartment although this means that lived in a cramper or darker areas, small balconies at that price range is feasible although many of the Thai styled apartments have very small balconies…most Thais use it as an extended kitchen or place to sun their clothes. No one in Thailand really understand why we enjoy sunning ourselves. At 500, you can get a 56sqm in some of the nicest condo that are new and westerner built. Check out Mountain Front, MOuntain View, Convetion Condo, Touch Hill Condo and the likes. I am currently staying at Mountain Front and it’s the quietest condo I have ever found. It’s a 15 min bike ride to vibe Nimman area or a quick 5 min taxi ride zip to town.

This condo has a free shuttle twice a day to the shopping mall and the building mt gals are fantastic, they can arrange for basic cable, starts at $10 for True, free wifi and your laundry done at 8 baht a piece ($0.30) as you stay longer you can find cheaper options $1 for 1 kg of laundry is very common here in Thailand and done in a day. A helper gets by twice a week for about $100 a month of you are really too lazy to clean

For food options, you can go many ways, $2-$5 is the general guideline per meal at a local restaurant and street food $1 can get you happy if you are a small eater. I eat twice a month at the Le Meriden Hotel Sunday Brunch costing……. a grand USD$16 ! 

Once you find a good massage store, stick to it…most oil massages are about $5 an hour and twice a week is good enough !

Golf, shooting, horse riding and the likes are very affordable here and I encourage everyone to try,

Renting a motorbike is about $50 a month and I recommend getting one…a brand new vespa bike is USD$3000 or you can easy get Honda bikes with are more common here for about $500 brand new !

For supermarkets, I recommend the following : buy your vegetables and fruits at he fresh markets where the Thais go, organic vegetables for USD$1 a heard me $1 a bunch ! It’s impossible to not stay healthy…fruits are extremely cheap here as well. For meats, I recommend going to Rjmping Supermarket where the butchers can steam, fry and marinate meats for free ! They have a good understanding of western needs and most cuts, bacon etc and imported good can be found. Tesco &Big C are the 2 local walmarts and great places ro stock up on water, drinks, and non-food items. You will find many international brand toiletries here at very low prices as it is govt subsidized.

For the beach lovers, buy a business class ticket on Thai airways for $100 and fly to Phuket in the low season …stay a few nights and return here to the peace and charm of the north. fly economy class and you can get by with $40 one way hahahahah

For entertainment, once you get the hang around here, you will find an open band, dance, jazz almost at every small town. You can relax Thai style  just buy a pepsi and hot tea like me and sit the night away…the Thais welcome your presence

As with any local country, stay polite. keep a cool head and smile as often as the Thais…you will be surprised when you act like one…how often many cases are just laughable and since we are retired…why do we need everything n the next 5 seconds. Slow down and learn to say “maipenrai” which in Thai means never mind…in many cases …it’s really that !

enjoy your retirement..I have stayed in japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Laos, Vietnam and cambodia dn many parts of Thailand and am glad to have found Chiang Mai finally….

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